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Let us fix YOUR car today!

Here at Lester’s Shop, we fix cars.

Is there something going on under the hood? Some Auto Repair issue that has you stumped? Are your brakes grinding? Is your AC blowing hot air? Is that pesky check engine light on? Or maybe you’d just like to make sure that your vehicle is ready for your upcoming road trip? We are here to help.

Or maybe it’s a Paint & Body problem…those hail pits from our infamous Texas weather or that scratch that no one in the family wants to own up to? Did your Texas State student get into a fender-bender while texting? Does your old classic need a fresh coat?

All makes, all models…old, new, domestic, import, trucks, cars, vans…you name it, we fix it. For over 30 years, Lester and his guys have been taking care of the people of San Marcos, Texas (and their kids and even their grandkids) with fair, friendly, honest service.

The Best Auto Repair in San Marcos, Texas

We know how important your car is to you: it shuttles your family around, gets you to work and back, takes you on trips around the block, around the state and sometimes around the country. It can feel like an extension of your family and when it’s “sick” you all suffer.

We also know that keeping a car “healthy” can sometimes cost a bunch of hard-earned money and we always keep the bottom line in mind. YOUR bottom line. We’re here to help you keep your wheels rolling while making only mandatory repairs–repairs that keep you and your family safe. You can trust that Lester and his guys will tell you the whole story and give you their best recommendations based on what they would do for their own family vehicles. Because at Lester’s Shop, you’re treated like family. That’s how we’ve been taking care of cars here in San Marcos for over 30 years: honesty, integrity and lots of elbow grease…and many happy, repeat customers!

Here are some of the services we offer…

Scheduled Maintenance – 30k/60k/90k

A/C Service & Repair

Brake Repair

Tune Ups

Fuel Injection Repair

Drive Train

Engine Repair


Electrical Systems

Shocks & Struts



Timing Belts & Drive Belts

Engine Replacement

Power Steering System

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Come by Today for a Free Estimate!

Our group of seasoned mechanics have over 200 years of combined experience in auto repair. And over 75 of those years have been spent right here at Lester’s Shop! That’s a lot of know-how under one roof. These guys truly love what they do and want to know how they can help you!

Is your car making a funny noise or just not running like you know it should? Give us a call or better yet, stop on by and let us diagnose your problem today!

Is it time for a tune-up but you gotta get back to the office? No problem! We can shuttle you to work in town then give you a call when you’re ready to go.

And don’t worry, we ALWAYS call to get the “okay” from you if something unexpected comes up: no surprises here. Just good, honest service at great prices!

We are Your Collision Repair, Paint & Body Shop Specialists!

Come in and find out what folks in San Marcos, Texas have known for over 30 years: for every kind of collision, bodywork and painting repair, Lester’s Shop is the best in San Marcos!

After over 30 years doing Paint & Bodywork in central Texas, we’ve seen just about everything…
Did that last hail storm leave you with the pits? Bring ‘er in!
Did a runaway cart tag your car door at HEB? We can help!
Has your roof cooked in the Texas sun for too many summers? We can make her look like new!
Did that semi on I-35 drop a rock that smacked your windshield? You can see clearly again!
Did that young buck bend more than your fender? We’ll make you forget it happened!
All repairs are done with great attention and care and we pride ourselves on providing the best in pricing, timely service and quality of workmanship.

And we make the process as smooth for you as we can: we offer free estimates, we work with all insurance companies, we can get your car towed if it’s not in driving condition, and we’ll even shuttle you to work when you drop off your vehicle.

Stop in today for a Free Paint & Body Estimate!

  •   Lester's Shop is so awesome!!! They fixed my car, love of my life, at such a reasonable rate. They were very respectful explaining the reasons behind why repairs were needed and answered all my questions. I really appreciated the customer service how was treated ALL of the people at Lester's Shop. What a wonderful reliable small business in San Marcos, Lester's Shop has your back. Thank you to Steve for being such a wonderful knowledgable person to help facilitate this entire process.

    thumb Lisa Marie C.
  •   Lester fixed my jeep up! He did a great job, no problems anymore! The only thing I have to say, is one of the employees was very passive aggressive towards me.. But I guess it happens.

    thumb Cat D.
  •   Lester and his guys are really good and they know their stuff. Nothing but great things to say about my experiences. They are straight shooters and that goes a long way. You can't always hit a home run so I'm sure things slip through the cracks but overall I'd say these guys really want to do the best job possible and are more reliable than the shady types you find at other places. I would recommend them to anybody.

    thumb Rik C.
  •   Lester is an honest business man and will NOT take advantage of you. Period. I have never took the time to write a review for a business, but he absolutely deserves the credit. You will not be disappointed!

    thumb Will B.
  •   Update: 05/16/17

    Still coming to lesters and they work on my wife's car too, they always do honest work. They were able to get my cars tire studs changed as walmart tightened my tires lug nuts too hard when doing a simple rotation. They did it right away and understood I was short on time. Lesters is still doing good and they even give people rides if needed. Just saw lester help someone out who seemed stranded due to car troubles. Don't go anywhere else! Seriously!

    thumb Bill B.
  •   Have a 2000 JEEP Grand Cherokee and it needed a new drive shaft. First place I took it to said it would be a two day job, but Lester's had it back to me in about 6 hours and at a very reasonable price. It was about 3 or 4 weeks ago and it's doing great.

    Jeeps are also notorious for the AC leaking into the passenger floor board. Lester's Jeep specialist fixed that easily.

    Super nice. Super fast. Take your car here.

    thumb Caleb H.
  •   I'm not satisfied with their service at all. I took my car there 3 times and they couldn't figure out the problem. The worst part is I paid for all of that!

    thumb Sepid M.
  •   Nearing 4.30pm on a weekday I get in my car expecting to go home and it won't start. I suspect it is the starter and get it towed to Lester's at closing time. Next morning I get a message some security bit needed replacement, and while they can't do that they did reprogram it (I'd done a quick fix I found online a couple months ago, but look how well that worked) so I could drive it to the specialized locksmith who DOES mess with chips and security bits.

    Rather than toying around with the battery or starter to pad the bill, they only charged me $26 for the reprogramming/labor to make it temporarily drivable again and I was on my way.

    Also, the tow service they suggested was excellent.

    thumb Heather R.
  •   I don't go anywhere else for auto inspections. The people here are so helpful and will do their best to give you the best possible service. Anywhere else in San Marcos will charge you 60-80 just to take a look at your car, but these guys will drop everything and take a look at it for free (if possible). I went there because my maintenance required light came on, and they were able to tell what the problem was and fixed it for no cost. I definitely feel that they are honest and will never charge you a penny more than required.

    thumb Sarah C.
  •   Fantastic! I was pretty much SOL. I called anyway to see if there was anything I could. The mechanic, who's name slips my mind told me all kinds of quick fixes but if I could get a jump, he'd take a look. Turns out I had a bad battery. He called a shop to get a battery delivered and only charged me for the battery. All of this while they were technically closed. I'll never go to another shop again.

    thumb Caleb P.